Dual linear VCA in 4hp format.


  • Tho independent OTA-based voltage-controlled amplifiers with linear response.
  • Wide signal range. Accepts up to +/-10V peak both signal and CV levels with rail-2-rail output without significant distortion.
  • DC coupled. It means this module is suitable both for audio and control signals.
  • Compact low-profile design with full-sized knobs. “Skiff” modular case friendly.
  • Careful PSU noise filtering.
  • Shortest as possible signal path reduces EMI.
2VCA response
2VCA back


Controls: VCA offset +/-10V zener-stabilized, CV attenuation – 0-100%, independently for each channel.
Frequency response: 0 Hz – 100kHz.
Input impedance: 100k
Output impedance: 1k
Maximum gain: +6dB clean, +10dB overdriven.
Dimensions: 4hp eurorack module (128.4mm x 20mm)
Depth: 25mm
Weight: 70g
Power consumption:
20mA @ +12V
20mA @ -12V

2VCA @ Modular Grid