CMOS-based percussion module.

NANDrum contains three differently pitched coupled square wave oscillators, modulated by frequency and amplitude via slew limiter, and modulating each other to produce unusual percussive sounds.

Input accepts positive trigger signals, modulated trigger signals (from 0 to 10V) or positive envelope. Applying positive CV on input turns NANDrum into specific crazy-detuned “circuit-bent” style VCO with negative-slew portamento. Negative input signals are not accepted and safely clipped.

Do not expect NANDrum traditional drum sounds like kick, snare, toms or cymbals etc. Laser gun’s, blasters, space missiles, plasma clots, hyper speed rockets and other cosmic-style sounds is NANDRum’s mission.

Format: Eurorack
Panel dimensions: 4hp (20mm x 128.4mm)
Depth: 30mm
Current draw: 10mA @ +12V, 6mA @ -12V.
Weight: 68g.