5-way digital splitter, x2, x4 divider with EMI filtering and input debouncing.

dSPLIT is digital splitter, distributor and divider with EMI filtering, input protection and buffered outputs.  dSPLIT is designed especially for error-free clock, distribution. Schmitt triggers on input and outputs provides  pulse edge sharpening, allows converting linear signals to pulse, subsonic generation e.t.c.
This module is DIY friendly for beginners. Only standard through-hole components, no rare parts, very easy to assemble.

NOTE: This module requires +5V on eurorack power bus.

Technical specifications:

Width: 3hp (14.9mm)
Height: 128.4mm (3U standard eurorack)
Depth: 33mm (skiff case friendly)
Weight: 55g (with flate cable)
Power consumption: +5V – Less then 1 mA without input signal presence. About 10 mA in normal operation mode.


dSPLIT schematics


dSPLIT assembly