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Analog stereo summing mixer in euro modular format with dual servo dc removal technology.

zSUM-4 front panel controls

zSUM-4 описание (rus)

zSUM-4 internal connectors pinout

Main features:

Two mixing stages both channels.

The shortest signal path.

No coupling capacitors in the signal path.

Efficient removal of DC component through servo amplifiers in each mixing stage.

Improved usability, expandable, linkable.

Carefully designed high quality PCB’s.

Solid, powder-coated aluminium industrial panel.


Main inputs:               10 (5 stereo pairs)

Auxiliary inputs (inverted) for FX return and linking:   4 (2 stereo pairs)

Auxiliary outputs (inverted) for FX send and linking:    2 (1 stereo pair)

Main outputs:           2 (1 stereo pair)

Monitoring outputs: 4 (2  stereo pairs) switchable between main and AUX out.

Input impedance: 22kOhm

Output Impedance: LOW (Near zero) in normal operations, 220 Ohm in short circuit.

Mutable front panel inputs.

PAD -12dB buttons in each mixing stage.

Unity gain  when not pressed PAD buttons.

Form factor: Euro modular.

Сonsumption current: 20mA

Width:  10hp (50.5mm)

Depth– 45мм (30mm without rear connectors)

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